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What can an offshore company do for me?

Are you thinking of launching a new e-commerce site to distribute your products or services to the global marketplace? Are you about to go into business with an overseas partner? Have you just secured the rights to distribute a product to a new country? Are you a writer and are about to sign your first agreement with a publisher? Or have you decided to buy a holiday house in a foreign country? All these are situations in which the use of an offshore company would almost certainly be of benefit to you.


Offering such advantages as privacy of your personal affairs, increased efficiency as a result of less demanding statutory obligations and usually substantial tax savings, it would be at the very least negligent on your part not to consider structuring your new international venture using an offshore company.


Offshore trusts are also a very powerful tool for preserving family wealth and passing it on to the next generation.  By placing your assets in a trust, you can help to protect them from any potential law suit against your personal estate or even from a costly divorce settlement.

This can be a very important consideration, especially for someone who assumes personal liability during the course of his work, such as a brain surgeon.


While offshore companies can be very effective in achieving tax savings, they should never be viewed as vehicles for evading tax.  It is perfectly legitimate for one’s business affairs to be structured in such a way as to legally take advantage of tax savings offered through the use of offshore companies.  These can be a permanent reduction or even complete avoidance of tax or simply a timing benefit achieved through the deferment of tax to a point further in the future.


The purpose of Offshore Company Solutions and this site is to provide you with information as to the possible uses and benefits of using an offshore company or offshore trust in your investment and business affairs.  Should you wish to use such a structure, we will be pleased to provide our services in establishing and administering your company or trust.  You should always, however, consult a suitably qualified professional lawyer or accountant for advice relating to your personal circumstances.

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