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Offshore Company Solutions is able to register offshore companies in all the major offshore jurisdictions.


The list below shows the jurisdictions in which offshore companies can presently be formed through our website. New jurisdictions are continually being added, so if a jurisdiction you have in mind is not already listed, please contact us, as we may still be able to form a company for you.


By clicking on each of the individual links below, you can find a complete overview of the various types of offshore companies listed.

Offshore companies can broadly be divided into two groups based on their tax status.


Companies which are not subject to any form of tax in their home jurisdiction are generally known as international business companies. These are typically obliged to pay an annual charge to the Registrar of Companies or another government authority, which ensures that the company remains in good standing. The annual charge is usually called a government licence fee.


Of the jurisdictions listed above, the following offer offshore companies which are fully exempt of tax: Belize, BVI, Nevis, Seychelles and United Arab Emirates.


The second group of offshore companies comprises those which are subject to tax in their country of incorporation.  While there is an obligation to pay tax, the actual rate of tax is usually quite low in comparison to other jurisdictions. It may also be the case that these offshore companies are entitled to a preferential tax treatment, such as receiving tax concessions or only being taxable on a certain portion of their income.


Another advantage of using taxable offshore companies is that they are usually eligible to claim double tax treaty benefits under the various treaties which their country of incorporation has signed with other jurisdictions. Having access to such treaties can lead to a substantial reduction or even complete avoidance of taxes which would otherwise be incurred in situations where income is generated in one country and transferred to another.


Offshore companies incorporated in the following jurisdictions will fall into the taxable companies group: Cyprus, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malta and Singapore.

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