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The Offshore Solutions section of our website is intended to present some examples of how offshore companies may be used to facilitate or enhance an international investment or business venture. Whether you choose to buy a shelf company or order a new incorporation, you will still be able to enjoy all the benefits an offshore company has to offer.


The links below will show you how offshore companies may be used to deliver offshore solutions in the following situations:

The advantage of buying a shelf company is that the company is immediately available. As it is “sitting on the shelf”, it can be yours in a matter of hours. So, if you need a company urgently in order to sign an agreement, a shelf company would be the right choice. On the other hand, if the need is not quite as urgent, you may prefer the added flexibility of selecting your own company name by ordering a new incorporation.


One of the greatest attractions of offshore companies is their flexibility and ease of administration. Statutory processes are extremely efficient and always focused on international business. Functions such as having agreements executed or arranging for documents to be certified can typically be carried out in a very short period of time.


We carry shelf companies in most jurisdictions. Should you need to buy a shelf company urgently in order to carry out a transaction but are not entirely pleased with its name, it is possible for the shelf company’s name to be changed even after it has signed an agreement. Usually this will entail passing a resolution by the company’s board of directors and having it filed with the Registrar of Companies.


Once you have studied our offshore solution examples and have a clearer idea of how you can use an offshore company in your international business ventures, all you need to do is click on the Incorporate Now button below and you could have your shelf company before the end of the day.

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