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The global business community has steadily been shifting away from the traditional physical shop or office and towards online business models instead for many years now.  With the rapid development in technology, internet connection speeds and online payment systems, doing business through an ecommerce business company is now fast becoming the norm.


An ecommerce company can provide tremendous advantages in comparison to operating from physical premises.  Rent is typically one of the highest overheads in running a business.  With an ecommerce company however, this can be substantially reduced or even eliminated.  If the business is such that can be conducted from the business owner’s home, rent will be avoided altogether.  On the other hand, if the business requires some physical space, such as a back office, production area or warehouse, these can typically be leased at a much lower rent than maintaining an office or shop in a prominent location.


Operating through an ecommerce business company can result in a more efficient use of time by avoiding the need to commute to and from work every day.  It can also provide more flexibility in terms of the hours of the day during which the business owner or employees need to be “at work”.  This is especially the case with businesses which are able to reduce their dependence on human interaction through the use of automated processes.


Perhaps the greatest advantage of an ecommerce business company is that it provides access to a global marketplace.  Whereas a physical shop or office can normally only reach out to the local community for customers, an ecommerce business company can promote its products and services to the whole world.


An ecommerce business company also makes it easy for individuals spread across various locations to work together.  For example, a website developer located in India may decide to go into business with an online marketing specialist based in the UK and a graphic designer living in South Africa.  It would be quite simple for these three individuals to form an ecommerce company together with the aim of providing a comprehensive website development and marketing service over the internet.


There are countless types of businesses which can easily be carried out through an ecommerce business company.  Selling physical products, such as clothing, electronics, furniture, office supplies and practically any form of consumer goods are common examples.  An ecommerce business company is also suitable for providing services such as consulting, marketing, freelance copywriting, photography, design, translations, landscaping, software development and just about any office-related work.


If you are about to start an online business, then you should consider taking advantage of our ecommerce business company package.


As part of the package, we will incorporate a company for you in Singapore.  This company is suitable for international business activities and allows us to gain access to numerous banking and card processing options.


Our package also includes a bank account, as well as a credit card, with which you will be able to access the funds in the company’s bank account.


Finally, the company will also receive a merchant account, allowing it to accept credit card payments from its customers.  Our ecommerce business company package provides you with a complete corporate structure with which you may start operating your business.


The all-inclusive setup cost for our ecommerce business company package is $3,950 / €3,600, while the annual renewal charge is $2,200 / €2,000.  In order to purchase it, all you need to do is click on the button below, so that you may immediately proceed to place your order.

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